Tying together threads across multiple genres, Ghost Feet weaves themselves into a unique cloth cut from dark wave, psych rock, and trip hop inspirations—creating a distinctively textured shoegaze sound that wraps the listener in its sonic fabric, first tucking you in and then tearing you back out. 

Ghost Feet’s collaborative writing style is rooted in its first life as duo Rachel Dubuc and Nuri Erdal, guitarists and audio engineers who wrote both their initial release Wires and Cords (EP, Dropping Gems, 2011)  and their first full-length album Together Alone (Dropping Gems, 2015) remotely—trading Ableton tracks back and forth while living in Olympia, WA and Portland, OR.  

After taking a break to focus on individual projects, they revived the band in 2019—adding new complexity in this incarnation with Jessie Branch, whose dynamic vocals add an emotional depth that pulls each song into sharper focus. 

This layering of individual writing into a final cohesive piece lets the three leave their own signature at each level, stacking those elements into a sound larger than the sum of its parts. Their rhythmic waves draw you out to sea and then wash over you in a tsunami of lyrical impact, as Branch’s graceful vocals flutter past your ears, packing an unexpected weight on arrival. 

It also allows the band to continue to write while living in both cities. Now performing as a five-piece with the addition of bassist Ryan Scott, and Benjamin Tyler on drums—Ghost Feet has put out two singles in this latest incarnation, with a third to be released on the upcoming PDX Pop Now! 2023 compilation.


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Electronic and acoustic sounds alternately suspend, spiral, collide, and fractalize in the sonic field. This is for those mind-melting forest excursions when your ears grow to rabbit-sized proportions, everything breathes, and elves peak out from behind the trees.”





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Inspirational beats combined with distorted, effects-laden guitar and bass took listeners on an expansive journey, as live visuals painted the set with time lapse roadways and Northwest cityscapes... Ghost Feet...left the crowd crying for more...Like cold, heavy raindrops on a jacket hood held close, Ghost Feet are both refreshing and cathartic.”